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Latest addition "2011"

- A site for a hemodiafiltration Clinic at  the Clinique du Levant Hospital

- A site to a photographer and web designer

- A Site dedicated to a "Cabinet de Podologie"

- A site for a real estate property


- A Site dedicated by fans of the French singer Mylene Farmer


- A CCCDryMix "Construction Chemical Company "

- A Solar Energy Company "Solar Power " (heat your water with solar energy)


- A Monastery in the Mountains of Lebanon

- Law firm in Lebanon

- Municipality of the City of Hadeth, Beirut Lebanon

- Business and Personal page:

- Computer Company

- Religious Seminaries

  •  http://www.ssa.org.lb  (old version )

- A Dry Cleaning Company in Lebanon

- A School designed in2003 still some pages are originally designed by us

  • http://www.antonines-hazmieh.edu.lb  (old version)